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1201 Thomas was also known as Thomas Shaw, and was an indigo planter, of Baghalpur, Bihar, India. Blood, Thomas (I498)
1202 Thomas was the son of David Reid and Violet Walker. Reid, Thomas Graham (I2395)
1203 Thomas was the son of Thomas Crowe and Lily Violet Flavin.

Thomas was the son of Thomas Crowe and Lily Violet Flavin. 
Crowe, Thomas (I8769)
1204 Thomas was the son of Thomas Studdert and Anne Fitzgerald. He and Alicia were first cousins once removed.

Thomas was the son of Thomas Studdert and Anne Fitzgerald. He and Alicia were first cousins once removed. 
Studdert, Thomas (I8626)
1205 Thompson was the son of John Norris Russell and Maria Thompson. Russell, Thompson (I300)
1206 Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1885-1954) Wednesday 12 December 1934

MACKAY. December 6.

The community of Mackay and district, especially Farleigh, were deeply moved, on Tuesday, when they learned of tbe death of Mr. William Herbert Berwick Christoe, who passed away on Tuesday after a brief illness. The deceased was secretary of Farleigh Cooperative Sugar Milling Association, and Farleigh is indebted for much of its progress to Mr. Christoe's untiring association with its social and industrial activities.

Deceased was born at Orange. N.S.W., on March 22, 1863, and was the son of the late Mr. J. P. Christoe, mining assayer and geologist, and was a grandson of Dr. Blood Smyth. Deceased's father was closely identified with mining development in New South Wales and Queensland. He was early on Cloncurry, and had extensive interests in Copperfield. After a number of years in New South Wales. Victoria and South Australia, Mr. Cbristoe sen. returned to Central Queensland and eventually came to Mackay.

Deceased, as a young man, joined the AJ.S. Bank at Clermont, and rapidly rose to the position of accountant, and while occupying this position at Rockhampton, he resigned to accept a position with bis brother-in-law, the late Auburn Dowling, on Talgal West Station in the Toowoomba district. Later he returned to Clermont and commenced business on his own account, as stock, station, and commission agent

It was during a holiday visit to father who was managing mining operations at Eungella and Mt Bribben. that, at the latter place, he met and married Miss Agnes M. Madill of Mackay. The marriage took place In St Paul's Presbyterian Church, and was performed by Rev. D. Gibson, JLA., who was an old friend of tbe Madill family.

Mr. and Mrs. Christoe resided in the Central West for several years, but about 30 years ago came to Mackay. His first engagement in this district was on the clerical staff of Plane Creek mill, and a year later be was engaged by the then Farleigh Estate Sugar Co. Ltd. as accountant. He retained this position until the mill was purchased by the farmers, when be was appointed secretary of the Farleigh Co-operative Sugar Milling Association, which position he held until his death closed a splendid record of 29 years' continuous service.

He saw the mill win through to its present high standard of efficiency, and holding such an important executive position be was deserving of some share of the credit of the success that was attained.

He enjoyed splendid health until recently, when compelled to enter a private hospital about four weeks ago. It was the first occasion he bad been an inmate of any hospital. A heart affection developed from an attack of asthma, and he was unable to withstand the complications. He had reached the age of 71 years.

He was quietly popular with the mill management, staff, employees, and suppliers and his numerous acts of kindness will not soon be forgotten. Apart from his official position as mill secretary, he was also the first school committee secretary and it was due largely to his efforts that a State school was established at Farleigh.

For a number of years he was Secretary of Farleigh School of Arts, and treasurer of Farleigh Presbyterian Church.

In his young days he was a splendid athlete and excelled at cricket, and was a Central Queensland representative for many years. He was a selector of Farleigh Cricket Club, and its official umpire.

During the Great War he was an indefatigable worker for providing comforts for the men on active service. The Farleigh Sock and Comfort Fund was inaugurated by him. The confidence reposed in"Bill" Christoe, as he was familiarly known, was an assurance of generous public support. The present honor roll at Farleigh is another memorial to his public spirited actions.

The freedom of his home to all callers, hospitality, advice and help were gifts which he distributed widely. He is survived by bis wife, three daughters, and one son. The daughters are Mrs. L. L Dowzer (Tully), Mrs. R. Magee (Mackay) and Miss Muriel Christoe (Farleigh) and son Mr. Richard Christoe (Farleigh). Also surviving him are his three grand children, stepmother, Mrs. J. P. Cbristoe (Brisbane), brother, Mr. C. P. Christoe (Brisbane), recently retired from the position of secretary and accountant, with Buss Brothers. Bundaberg. Also a sister, Mrs. Auburn Dowling (Towoomba).

As a mark of respect Farleigh Mill was closed on Tuesday afternoon to allow the staff and employees to attend the funeral which took place from St. Paul's Presbyterian Church. Rev. B. Bardon, BA. conducted the funeral service. The funeral cortege was one of the largest seen in Mackay in years. Pall bearers were: Messrs T. G. Mulnerin (former chairman of Farleigh Mill directors), R. T Robertson (present chairman), W. B. Fordyce (director), A. G. Rowell (manager, National Bank). J. W. Madill and F. Knobel. 
Christoe, William Herbert Berwick (I52)
1207 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Duggan, Vera (I2648)
1208 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wyatt, Vivienne Lucy (I543)
1209 Walter was the son of John Vernon, of Litherland, Lancashire, England. Vernon, Walter (I610)
1210 Walter's ancestry is unknown.

Walter's ancestry is unknown. 
Ray, Walter John (I7898)
1211 was the daughter of Lindsay Crompton Lawford and Helen Ada Southern Lawford, Helen Lindsay (I32766)
1212 was the daughter of Maj.-Gen. Joseph Gubbins Gubbins, Elizabeth Catherine "Duchess of St. Albans" (I28725)
1213 was the son of Hon. John Massy and Maria Maunsell

son of John Massy and Maria Maunsell
Hugh - Catherine taylor
- see george william

son of John Massy and Maria Maunsell
Hugh - Catherine taylor
- see george william 
Massy-Beresford, Very Rev. John Maunsell Dean of Kilmore (I32437)
1214 was the son of Niels Henning Frederik Wichfeld Wichfeld, Jorgen Adalbert (I32764)
1215 was the son of Reverend Hon. Arthur Vesey and Sydney Johnstone Vesey, William Muschamp (I28088)
1216 Went to Ireland in 1595. MP for Ennis, Co. Clare in 1613. Resided at Kilnaboy and Bohersallagh, Co. Clare. Ironmaster. Obtained the grant of Sarney in 1640.

Sir Bindon Blood, in his memoirs, written in 1932, states that the first Blood in Ireland was Capt. Edmund Blood of Mackney House, near Duffield in Derbyshire, who went over in 1595 as a Captain in a force raised in the English Midlands. He was taken to Co. Clare by Lord Inchiquin to introduce law and order "among the wild and unruly."

He was elected MP for Ennis in 1613. He owned Kilnaboy Castle and Bohersallagh House.

Frost's History of Clare states: "Another tradition about the Captain and his eldest son Dean Neptune Blood of Kilfenora Cathedral in West Clare, a "Pillar of the Church" has it that they added to their incomes by levying tolls on the ships that passed, at that time in large numbers, to and from the Port of Galway. They arranged this by means of a small harbour on the coast just outside the southern limit of the Bay of Galway, which was protected by a castle and afforded shelter to a number of longboats with well-armed crews, who boarded the ships and levied the tolls. When the Cromwellians took Limerick in 1651, and carried out a "settlement" in Clare, they are said to have objected to these doings, even to the extent of calling them piracy, of burning the boats, blowing up the castle and dispersing the fighting men; but, strange to say, at the same time they gave the Dean compensation in the shape of three grants of confiscated land - this last transaction being officially on record to this day." 
Blood, Capt. Edmund (I172)
1217 Wikipedia shows the wife of Roman Msistlavich as named Euphrosyne... Euphrosyne according to the Medieval Lands Project was the oldest daughter, and was a nun. The third child was the wife of Roman Msistlavich and is un-named, but " Anna has not been identified in Byzantine sources so far consulted, but it is not impossible that she was the same person as this unnamed daughter." Angelina, Anna (I108453)
1218 William Blood's great-grandson, General Sir Bindon Blood, was knighted in 1899, and arms were granted for all descendants of "Young Will of Roxton". William married Elizabeth Bindon whose own family had arms granted to them, and the arms were joined to make the Blood Family Arms. (blood_cranagher.jpg) Blood, Col. William (I194)
1219 William came to South Australia on the "Steadfast", arriving in Nov 1852. Howie, William (I51755)
1220 William died in infancy. Brew, William Adams (I2378)
1221 William is often showed as having married Jeanne de Calabre. This is incorrect. An explanation of this can be seen here:

"It is quite common to meet, in the course of the internet pages dealing with the genealogy of the Counts of Auvergne, the character of Joan of Calabria. She is most often cited as the wife of William the Younger , Count of Auvergne or Clermont...

"Prudhomme has shown that Joan of Calabria is only a lure. His conclusion can be summed up as follows: "The name of Jeanne de Calabre [...] must be removed from the list of alliances of the Counts of Auvergne." He also demonstrated that the wife of William VII was Marchise d'Albon. He cites as evidence of this union an act of 1223, a donation of the Count of Vienna to his Auvergnate family: "And ab amita mea dominates Marchisia and Delphino de Arvernia, consobrino meo, ejusdemque Delphini filio nomine Wilelmo."
1st Dauphin d'Auvergne 
d'Auvergne, Guillame VII Dauphin "the Young' 1st Dauphin d'Auvergne (I118861)
1222 William was adopted by a Dr Jennings (or Jenkins), and came to South Australia on the barque "Emerald Isle", arriving on July 24, 1838. He was a crew member. Baker, William (I52663)
1223 William was the son of Joseph Money Riches and Henrietta Cocking. Riches, William Edgar (I1387)

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