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151 5th Countess of Bar de Lorraine, Sophia 5th Comtesse de Bar (I102192)
152 5th Dauphin d'Auvergne de Clermont, Robert II Dauphin 5th Dauphin d'Auvergne (I113984)
153 5th Duke of Carniola of Austria, Ernst I Duke of Austria (I94206)
154 5th Duke of Upper Lorraine and 6th Duke of Lower Lorraine...

Margrave of Antwerp

Count of Verdun 
de Lorraine, Gothelo I 5th Duc de Lorraine (Upper Lorraine) (I93642)
155 6th Comte d'Alençonçon d'Alençon, Jean I Comte d'Alençon (I80360)
156 6th Comte d'Anjou

31st Comte de Poitou

31st Comte d'Angoulêmeême

1st Duc d'Auvergne 
de Berry, Jean (the Magnificent) 1st Duc de Berry (I103298)
157 6th Comte de Verdun de Verdun, Frédéric 6th Comte de Verdun (I67248)
158 6th Count of Aragon de Aragón, Aznar Galíndez II Conde de Aragón (I108767)
159 6th Dauphin d'Auvergne de Clermont, Robert III Dauphin Comte de Clermont (I113983)
160 6th Duke of Upper Lorraine (as Godefroi III ) and 9th Duke of Lower Lorraine (as Godefroi II)

9th Comte de Verdun

Margrave of Antwerp 
de Lorraine, Godefroi III "the Bearded" 6th Duc de Lorraine (Upper Lorraine) (I93645)
161 7th Comte de Verdun

Count of Brabant 
de Verdun, Hermann 7th Comte de Verdun (I103113)
162 7th Count of Aragon de Aragón, Galindo Aznárez II Conde de Aragón (I102971)
163 7th Dauphin d'Auvergne de Clermont, Jean Dauphin Comte de Clermont (I113982)
164 8th Conte di Andria

Count of Provence

Prince of Piedmont 
di Sicilia, Ramon Berenguer 8th Count of Andria (I107178)
165 8th Dauphin d'Auvergne de Clermont, Beraud I Dauphin Comte de Clermont (I113981)
166 9th Contessa di Andria di Sicilia, Beatrice 9th Countess of Andria (I107183)
167 9th Dauphin d'Auvergne de Clermont, Beraud II Dauphin Comte de Clermont (I113979)
168 9th Duke of Apulia of Sicily, Roger III Co-king of Sicily (I108451)
169 A surveyor, and son of a Dr George Lawson. The latter had been a doctor in Port Lincoln and had died at Ravilstone, Port Lincoln, in 1867. Dr Lawson's widow, Helen Maria Glaydo, died on 25 July 1899, at Port Lincoln. Presumably Ravilstone or Ravelstone was the name of their house or property. Lawson, Ravelstone Gore (I67)
170 Abigail was the daughter of Chichester Phillips and Sarah Handcock. Philips, Abigail (I6876)
171 According to the Jocelyn/Waller Family website, there is no blood relation between the family of William Waller (descended from Richard Warren Waller) and Gen. Sir Hardess Waller, of the family of Groombridge, despite "Hardress" being used as a given name in later generations of this family. Waller, William (I8364)
172 After Alice's death, following the birth of their daughter Susanna, Richard married Ellen Brady, and had eight further children. Brew, Richard (I2405)
173 Agnes was the daughter of John Cloy and Paulina Orilla Kemp. Cloy, Agnes Jessie (I2203)
174 Alexander was the son of Charles Dellora and Ellen Hourigan. Dellora, Alexander (I1650)
175 Alice was the daughter of Frederick Randolph Hohne. Hohne, Alice Bertha (I652)
176 Alice was the daughter of John Longbottom. Longbottom, Alice Milne (I52643)
177 Alice was the daughter of Sir Richard Hawkesworth of Hawkesworth Hall, Yorkshire. Hawkesworth, Alice (I5597)
178 Alice's ancestry is unknown.

Alice's ancestry is unknown. 
Egan, Alice Marion (I8758)
179 Alice's ancestry is unknown. Bruce, Charlotte Alice (I8895)
180 Alicia and Oscar did not have children.

Alicia and Oscar did not have children. 
Studdert, Alicia May (I8775)
181 Alicia Chadwick's husband is variously given as John Armstrong Bagnell, John Armstrong Bagwell, John Armstrong Ragwell, and John William Bagnell. Bagnall, Rev. John Armstrong (I5280)
182 Anna Maria Josepha Theresia Antonia Dominica Xaveria Dorothea of Austria, Anna Maria Josepha (I125563)
183 Anne was the daughter of Col. Sir John Lanier. Lanier, Anne (I5634)
184 Anne was the daughter of George Howitt and Isabella Tulip.

Anne was the daughter of George Howitt and Isabella Tulip. 
Howitt, Anne Taylor (I8746)
185 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Duffin, Anne (I678)
186 Anne was the daughter of Rt. Rev. Welbore Ellis, Bishop of Meath, and Diana Briscoe Ellis, Anne (I9225)
187 Anne's ancestry is unknown. Smithwick, Ann (I2240)
188 Annie was the daughter of Edward Dennet. Dennet, Annie (I545)
189 Annie was the daughter of Hector McPherson and Margery Beaton. McPherson, Annie (I2529)
190 Archibald was the son of Charles Robert McGilchrist. McGilchrist, Archibald Muir (I659)
191 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Blood, Lt.-Col. Bindon Fitzgerald (I672)
192 Arnulf's parentage as shown here is not certain.

From Wikipedia:
J. Depoin observed that Arnulf was identified as a Frank in contemporary documents, whereas Arnoald was identified by Paul the Deacon as a Roman.[2] Based on the Vita Gundolphi Arnulf's father was Bodegisel, a Frankish noble. David Humiston Kelley then proposed that Arnoald was likely an ancestor of the Carolingians through a daughter Itta, wife of Pepin of Landen. Christian Settipani carefully revisited and expanded upon the work of Depoin and Kelley, and concurred in Arnulf's descent from Bodegisel instead of Arnoald, but noting that there was a connection between the Ripuarian Frankish royal house and the Carolingians. He argued (without dismissing the possibility of Itta's being Arnoald's daughter) that there was a connection through Arnulf's wife Doda, who he posited as a daughter of Arnoald. Kelly then considered probable Settipani's proposed connection between the Carolingians and Arnoald. 
of Metz, Saint Arnulf (I73248)
193 Aubin was the son of John Leonard Dowling and Cecilia Anne Lord. Dowling, Aubin (I47)
194 Augustus arrived at Holdfast Bay aboard the "Coromandel", on 12 January 1837, with his first wife (aged 22) and daughter (aged 6 months). I not have been able to find any record of the wife and child; the only mention of them is found on the passenger list of the "Coromandel". Winter, Augustus Timothy (I51998)
195 Barbara did not marry.

Barbara did not marry. 
Studdert, Barbara Mary (I4520)
196 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Watts, Barbara Gertrude (I609)
197 Baron of la Tour-du-Pin

10th Comte d'Albon 
de Viennois, Jean II 8th Dauphin de Viennois (I108000)
198 Benedetta was the daughter of Giovanni Buttacavoli. Buttacavoli, Benedetta (I4233)
199 Betty was the daughter of Bruce Harold Roberts and Marilyn Alberta Farraday. Roberts, Betty Cecilia (I5092)
200 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Mills, Betty (I5328)

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