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201 Bindon acquired the nickname 'The Vampire' because of his habit of out-bidding other antiquarians for the sole sake of hoarding and withholding rare books [information provided by Bob Blood]. Blood, Bindon (I485)
202 Buggini was born in Birmingham with the less exotic name of Simon Peter Buggins. He was a noted countertenor who adopted an Italianate version of his name following a period of study in Italy. He was the Vicar Choral of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. Buggini, Simeon Pinto (I359)
203 Burkes Dormant and Extinct Peerages (1883), P. 213:
"Ralph, Lord Greystoke... and was s. in 1487 by his grand-dau., Elizabeth, who m. Thomas, Lord Dacre, of Gillesland." 
Greystoke, Elizabeth 6th Baroness Greystoke (I44391)
204 Burkes says he wrote an account of the family and estates in 1791. Blood, William (I236)
205 Burkes says that he was a Captain in the Army, of Albany, New York, where he was living with his wife and family in 1734. Blood, Capt. Edmund (I217)
206 Burkes states that Elizabeth "B. and d. 1688", but the Blood Monument in the Kilfenora Churchyard reads in part "also ELIZABETH B[LOOD], who died 21 September, 1688, aged 6" Blood, Elizabeth (I951)
207 Burkes states that John "B. and d. 1694", but the Blood Monument in the Kilfenora Churchyard reads in part " JOHN B. who died 17 May, 1694, aged 5 years". Blood, John (I934)
208 Burkes states that Theodosia "B. 1697; d. 1698", but the Blood Monument in the Kilfenora Churchyard reads in part " Also THEODOSIA B., who died 20 April, 1699, aged 13 years". Blood, Theodosia (I720)
209 Caleb Powell in his list of Jurors states that the Smiths were descended from Thomas Smyth, consecrated Bishop of Limerick in 1695 Smyth, William of Cahermoyle (I24317)
210 Caleb was the son of Eyre Burton Powell and Henrietta Magill.

Caleb was the son of Eyre Burton Powell and Henrietta Magill. 
Powell, Caleb (I8234)
211 Came to South Australia aboard the "John Woodall", arriving on on 17 January 1849. Moss, John (I52523)
212 Cannot trace sources and def not married to THomas Assheton de Greystoke, Anne (I67067)
213 Capt. Charles Sturt, the explorer, and surveyor-General of South Australia in 1839. In 1869 he was nominated to a knighthood, of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, but died before the knighthood could be gazetted. The Queen granted Mrs. Sturt the title "Lady Sturt", as if the knighthood had been gazetted. Sturt, Capt. Charles (I72846)
214 Catherine was the daughter of Christopher Greene. Greene, Catherine (I5621)
215 Catherine was the daughter of William Meade Ogle and Mary Barlow. Ogle, Catherine Meade (I6430)
216 Changed his name from Taylor. The Seymour is from an ancestor of his mother's. Seymour-Taylor, James Arnoll (I2312)
217 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Strider, William Percy (I716)
218 Charles did not marry.

Charles did not marry. 
Studdert, Charles (I8916)
219 Charles died young. Brew, Charles (I2396)
220 Charles was the son of Charles Weir and Frances Williamson. Weir, Charles Thomas (I2571)
221 Charles was the son of George Williams and Lucy Jull. Williams, Charles C. (I5367)
222 Charles was the son of Kenneth Cameron and Emily Jane Bean. Cameron, Charles (I5078)
223 Charles was the son of Thomas Ough and Sarah Jane Guthridge Ough, Charles Richard (I1416)
224 Charles' ancestry is unknown.

Charles' ancestry is unknown. 
Taylor, Charles (I8721)
225 Charlotte was the daughter of John Carver Coates and Maria Lord. Coates, Charlotte Eliza (I1022)
226 Chartres did not marry. He was engaged to Dilliana Molony, but the engagement was broken off. Brew, Chartres (I966)
227 Claude was the son of Sir Malcolm Inglis, of Dublin. Inglis, Sir Claude Cavendish (I524)
228 Clement was the son of John Sadleir and Mary Clements. Sadleir, Clement (I5395)
229 Clerk of the Crown Peace for County Clare, 1679.

Bindon Blood's book says he served "in the English fleet in the second Dutch war of 1672-3, and afterwards as a cadet in the French Guards, when he studied the 'engineering art' under the famous Vauban. He was found so proficient on his return to England in 1688, that King James II appointed him Captain of the Pioneers in the Ordnance Train of a force which he raised to resist the invasion threatened by William of Orange.

After the Revolution, King William III placed Holcroft Blood on the establishment of the Engineers, and he served throughout the Irish wars of 1689-92, showing much ability, especially at the sieges of Athlone and Limerick, being consequently appointed a Captain in Foulke's regiment of Foot in 1692. This regiment was sent to the West Indies in December of the same year. But Captain Holcroft Blood was left behind, as he and his servant were arrested and put in jail at Winchester, while on their way to Portsmouth to embark, being accused of having robbed the Portsmouth coach a few days previously! They were set free in due course, having proved an alibi, but meanwhile their regiment had sailed.

Captain Blood was promoted to Major in Seymour's Regiment, afterwards the 24th Foot, in 1692; and to Lieut-Colonel in 1695 in Sir Matthew Bridges' Regiment of Foot, afterwards the 17th, as a reward for his distinguished services at the siege of Namur. When the War of the Spanish Succession broke out in 1702, he was given the command, as a Colonel, of the Ordnance Train which formed part of Marlborough's Army in the Low Countries. He personally commanded the Artillery on the field of Blenheim, when he distinguished himself greatly by covering Marlborough's final advance with nine field-pieces, with which he kept back the French infantry while Marlborough led his cavalry across a marsh in front of the village of Blenheim.

For this he was promoted to Brigadier-General on 25th August, 1704, twelve days after the battle, and thereafter he was frequently employed as a general officer in command of the 'three arms' with much success. Again at the battle of Ramilllies, in 1706, he commanded the Artillery; and also at the seige of Menin in the same year; receiving a special letter of untimely death, which occurred at Brussels on the 19th August 1707, he was Brigadier-General and also Colonel of the 17th Foot, with very good prospects of promotion had he survived," 
Blood, Brig.-Gen. Holcroft (I211)
230 Comte d'Auvergne d'Auvergne, Jeanne II Duchesse d'Auvergne (I115876)
231 Constance is in places shown as the daughter of Amadeo II of Savoy and Joanna of Geneva. However, as Amadeo II was born in or after 1046 (the year of marriage of his parents) and Constance's son William was born in about 1030, this is clearly impossible - this would make Amadeo's grandson at least 16 years older than he was. She may have been the daughter of Amadeo I. de Savoie, Constance "Marchesa del Monferrato" (I117271)
232 Constance was the daughter of John Ouseley Byrne. Byrne, Constance Elizabeth (I542)
233 Count of Dießen of Diessen, Friedrich II Count of Dießen (I107425)
234 Count of Dießen of Diessen, Arnold IV Count of Dießen (I107437)
235 Count of Dießen-Andechs

4th Duke of Merania

13th Margrave of Istria

10th Margrave of Carniola 
of Merania, Otto I 4th Duke of Merania (I103226)
236 Count of Dießen-Andechs

5th Duke of Merania

14th Margrave of Istria

11th Margrave of Carniola

15th Comte Palatin de Bourgogne 
of Burgundy, Otto II 5th Duke of Merania (I107480)
237 Count of Dießen-Andechs of Andechs, Berthold II Count of Dießen and Andechs (I107439)
238 Count of Dießen-Andechs (as Berthold III)

10th Margrave of Istria

7th Margrave of Carniola 
of Istria, Berthold I 10th Margrave of Istria (I103240)
239 Count of Dießen-Andechs (as Berthold IV)

11th Margrave of Istria

3rd Duke of Merania

8th Margrave of Carniola 
of Merania, Berthold II 3rd Duke of Merania (I103241)
240 Darryl was the son of Keith William Payne and Doris (Unknown). Payne, Darryl Malcolm (I1696)
241 dau ghter of James McCarthy

dau ghter of James McCarthy 
McCarthy, Vera May (I8820)
242 dau of John Morgan

dau of John Morgan 
Morgan, Sarah (I8638)
243 dau of Robert Persse of Roxborough

dau of Robert Persse of Roxborough 
Persse, Maria Helena "Baroness Clanmorris" (I18542)
244 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Simms, Josephine (I8818)
245 dau.of Cte Guillaume II de Bourgogne of Burgundy, Gisela "Marchesa del Monferrato" (I90972)
246 daughter of Anthony Hickman Hickman, Henrietta (I9060)
247 daughter of Anthony Parker and Amy Massy Parker, Mary (I8666)
248 Daughter of Arthur Graham, of Hockley, County Armagh, Ireland. Graham, Catherine (I62190)
249 daughter of Burton de Burgh Persse

daughter of Burton de Burgh Persse 
Persse, Frances Matilda (I18535)
250 daughter of Burton de Burgh Persse and Matilda Persse

daughter of Burton de Burgh Persse and Matilda Persse 
Persse, Sarah Selina "Baroness Clanmorris" (I1183)

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