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51 Stoney, George Robert (I2076)
52 Stoney, Wilhelmina Ruth (I2115)
53 10th Comte d'Alençonçon

"Comte d'Anjou" (as Charles III) 
de Valois, Charles I 20th Comte de Valois (I75364)
54 10th Conte and 1st Duc di Andria del Balzo, Francesco I (Francis) 1st Duke of Andria (I107158)
55 10th Dauphine d'Auvergne (according to

The entry for Anne ( states:
"In 1400, Anne's father died and he left her the Dauphinate of Auvergne, which she ruled over for the next seventeen years. Anne also founded an anniversary for her stepmother Margaret [4] Ten years after the death of her father, Anne was widowed; her husband, Louis, died in 1410 at Montlucon and their older son John succeeded him as duke. Anne ruled over her Dauphinate for another seven years, until her own death at Moulins on 22 September 1417. She was outlived by her son John and daughter Isabelle; her son inherited Forez and her grandson, Louis I, Count of Montpensier, eventually inherited the Dauphinate."

Anne died in 1417; her brother Beraud outlived her, dying in 1426. There does not appear to be a valid reason why Anne would succeed rather than her brother Beraud, and the Wikipedia entry for Anne does not give a clear reference for this. The list shows Anne as 10th Dauphine, and her son Jean as 11th Dauphin. Beraud's daughter Jeanne is listed as co-ruler with Jean, and Louis de Bourbon, Comte de Montpensier (Jeanne's husband) as 12th Dauphin.

The French Wikipedia entry ( differs, showing Beraud as 10th Dauphin, and does not include Anne. Beraud's daughter Jeanne is included here as 11th Dauphine, and Louis de Bourbon, Comte de Montpensier as 12th Dauphin. 
de Clermont, Anne "Dauphine d' Auvergne" (I126064)
56 10th Duke of Carniola of Austria, Karl II Franz Archduke of Austria (I84274)
57 10th Duke of Lower Lorraine

10th Comte de Verdun 
de Lorraine, Godefroi III "the Hunchback" 10th Duc de Lorraine (Lower Lorraine) (I103084)
58 10th Duke of Normandy of England, Henry I (Beauclerk) (I45161)
59 11th Comtesse de Verdun di Toscana, Matilda 13th Margravine of Tuscany (I103083)
60 11th Dauphine d'Auvergne de Clermont, Jeanne 11th Dauphine d'Auvergne (I93618)
61 12th Comte d'Anjou d'Anjou, Fulques V "the Young" King of Jerusalem (I46358)
62 12th Comte de Nantes de Bretagne, Alain IV Fergent 21st Duc de Bretagne (I45110)
63 12th Lord of Baux de Baux, Robert Siegneur de Baux (I119517)
64 12th Margrave of Carniola of Austria, Friedrich II Duke of Austria (I107487)
65 12th Margrave of Istria (as Heinrich II)

9th Margrave of Carniola 
of Merania, Heinrich II 3rd Margrave of Istria (I107475)
66 13th Count of Flanders

14th Comte d'Artois 
Clito, Guillame Duc de Normandie (I45078)
67 13th Holy Roman Emperor

King of Sicily

King of Germany

King of Jerusalem (jure uxoris) 
von Staufen, Friedrich II (Konstantin Roger Friedrich) Holy Roman Emperor (I44794)
68 13th Margrave of Carniola of Carinthia, Ulrich III (I114703)
69 14th Comte d'Arles; 13th Comte de Provence (senior branch) of Toulouse, Raimond VI 16th Comte de Toulouse (I45097)
70 14th Comtesse de Nevers

22nd Comtesse d'Auxerre 
de Courtenay, Mathilde I 13th Comtesse de Nevers; 13th Comtesse de Tonnerre (I106893)
71 14th Comtesse Palatin de Bourgogne of Burgundy, Beatrice II 14th Comtesse de Bourgogne (I103225)
72 14th Count of Flanders

15th Comte d'Artois 
de Flandre, Thierry I Count of Flanders (I43773)
73 15th Comte de Nantes d'Anjou, Geoffrey VI (Fitzempress) 15th Comte de Nantes (I45095)
74 15th Count of Flanders

16th Comte d'Artois 
d'Alsace, Philippe I Count of Flanders (I106149)
75 15th Duc de Bourgogne of Burgundy, Hugues III 15th Duc de Burgogne (I84234)
76 15th Margrave of Carniola of Germany, Rudolf I King of Germany (I102817)
77 16th Comtesse Palatin de Bourgogne of Burgundy, Adelaide (Alix) 16th Comtesse de Bourgogne (I103227)
78 16th Countess of Flanders de Flandre, Marguerite I Countess of Flanders (I102729)
79 16th Holy Roman Emperor

King of Bohemia

King of the Romans 
of Bohemia, Karl IV (Wenceslaus) Holy Roman Emperor (I107138)
80 17th Holy Roman Emperor

King of Bohemia

King of Italy

King of Hungary and Croatia

King of Germany

Prince-Elector of Brandenberg 
of Luxembourg, Sigismund Holy Roman Emperor (I114396)
81 18th Comte d'Eu d'Artois, Robert IV 18th Count of Eu (I103290)
82 18th Comte de Mâconâcon de Mâcon, Géraud II 18th Comte de Mâcon (I106880)
83 18th Duc d'Aquitaine

21st Comte de Poitou 
of Aquitaine, Guillame IX (the Troubador, the Younger) 18th Duke of Aquitaine (I72052)
84 18th Holy Roman Emperor

King of Germany

Archduke of Austria

Duke of Carinthia

6th Duke of Carniola

Duke of Styria 
of Austria, Friedrich III Holy Roman Emperor (I94208)
85 18th Margrave of Carniola of Austria, Albert II Duke of Austria (I102813)
86 19th Comtesse de Provence (younger branch) 
of Provence, Beatrice 19th Countess of Provence (I75494)
87 19th Holy Roman Emperor

King of Germany

King of the Romans

Archduke of Austria

7th Duke of Carniola 
of Austria, Maximilian I Holy Roman Emperor (I84256)
88 19th Margrave of Carniola

1st Duke of Carniola 
of Austria, Rudolf IV Duke of Austria (I114707)
89 1st Baron Verdon (by tenure) de Verdun, Bertram II 1st Baron Verdon (I103135)
90 1st bt. Massy of Doonass, Co Clare [I, date??] Massy, Sir Hugh Dillon 1st Bt. (I9100)
91 1st Lord Bardolf (by writ) Bardolf, Hugh 1st Lord Bardolf (I37351)
92 20th Comte d'Auvergne de Clermont, Robert I Vicomte d'Auvergne (I84059)
93 20th Comtesse d'Anjou

Comtesse du Maine 
di Sicilia, Marguerite 20th Countess of Anjou (I75365)
94 20th Holy Roman Emperor

Archduke of Austria

King of Spain

28th Duc de Bourgogne

8th Duke of Carniola

30th Count of Flanders (as Charles III)

33rd Comte d'Artois (as Charles II)

Lord of the Netherlands

29th Count of Flanders

32nd Comte d'Artois (as Philippe VI)

30th Comte Palatin de Bourgogne 
of Austria, Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (I84259)
95 21st Comte d'Auvergne de Clermont, Robert II "The Young" Vicomte d'Auvergne (I84058)
96 21st Comte de Provence (younger branch) 
di Sicilia, Robert I (the Wise) King of Naples and Sicily (I102595)
97 21st Count of Flanders de Flandre, Robert III 21st Count of Flanders (I106163)
98 21st Holy Roman Emperor

King of Bohemia

King of Hungary

King of Croatia

9th Duke of Carniola 
of Austria, Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor (I84272)
99 22nd Comte d'Anjou (as Jean I)

30th Comte de Poitou 
of France, Jean II "the Good" King of France (I75368)
100 22nd Comtesse de Provence (younger branch) 
di Sicilia, Giovanna I Queen of Naples (I102593)

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