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Co. TIpperary, Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Eliza  Abt 1790Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5535
2 Adams, Henry  Abt 1786Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5536
3 Adams, William  Abt 1784Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5537
4 Armstrong, William  1836Co. TIpperary, Ireland I2060
5 Bagnall, (Unknown)  1822Co. TIpperary, Ireland I4816
6 Bagnall, (Unknown)  1824Co. TIpperary, Ireland I2672
7 Bagnall, Mary Elizabeth  1826Co. TIpperary, Ireland I4815
8 Barnes, Patrick  Abt 1840Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5438
9 Chadwick, Elizabeth  Abt 1690Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5396
10 Chadwick, Grace  Abt 1675Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5404
11 Chadwick, Grace  Abt 1714Co. TIpperary, Ireland I4091
12 Chadwick, Jane  Oct 1791Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1783
13 Chadwick, Katherine  1725Co. TIpperary, Ireland I4359
14 Chadwick, Lucy  1781Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1829
15 Chadwick, Mary  Abt 1740Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5513
16 Chadwick, Michael  Abt 1740Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1440
17 Chadwick, Peter  1780Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1834
18 Chadwick, Richard  1782Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1833
19 Chadwick, Robert  1784Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1832
20 Chadwick, Thomas  1786Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1831
21 Chadwick, William  Abt 1740Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1441
22 Chadwick, William  1779Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1830
23 Chadwick, William  18 Apr 1844Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3133
24 Clarke, Eliza Selina Hare  1799Co. TIpperary, Ireland I2981
25 Cooper-Chadwick, Ada Mary  Abt 1875Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5400
26 Cooper-Chadwick, Austin Samuel  25 May 1871Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5388
27 Cooper-Chadwick, Elizabeth Sarah  Abt 1868Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5390
28 Cooper-Chadwick, Frances Anna  Abt 1870Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5389
29 Cooper-Chadwick, John  13 May 1864Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5401
30 Cooper-Chadwick, Richard Austin  23 Dec 1866Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5387
31 Dwyer, Amelia Margaret  Abt 1770Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1386
32 Going, Alexander  19 Apr 1830Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3235
33 Going, Alexander Charles  10 Sep 1864Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3754
34 Going, Georgina Eleanor  13 Dec 1875Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3748
35 Going, Grace Hannah  18 Feb 1863Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3752
36 Going, Mary Hammersley  6 Oct 1869Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3318
37 Going, Maud Hardinge  17 Feb 1865Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3751
38 Going, William  14 Jan 1795Co. Tipperary, Ireland I53189
39 Hodgins, William  Abt 1830Co. TIpperary, Ireland I53205
40 Hughes, Ellen Grace  24 Aug 1875Co. TIpperary, Ireland I5448
41 Pennefather, Sarah  Abt 1750Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1508
42 Power, Edmond  Abt 1770Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3518
43 Sadleir, Evelyn Grace  27 Sep 1875Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3610
44 Sadleir, Grace  1849Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3468
45 Sadleir, Henry  1780Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3023
46 Sadleir, James  27 Mar 1839Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3716
47 Sadleir, James  11 Sep 1877Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3608
48 Sadleir, James Robert  1820Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3286
49 Sadleir, John  1814Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3073
50 Sadleir, John Digby  1832Co. TIpperary, Ireland I2871

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bunbury, Benjamin  18 Jun 1791Co. TIpperary, Ireland I4703
2 Going, Mary Hammersley  3 Apr 1943Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3318
3 Nuttall-Smith, Richard William  29 Jul 1926Co. TIpperary, Ireland I3745
4 Nuttall-Smith, Wilhelmina Frances  9 Nov 1913Co. TIpperary, Ireland I2804
5 Sadleir, Richard  24 Jan 1794Co. TIpperary, Ireland I1764
6 Sargint, Richard John  26 May 1904Co. Tipperary, Ireland I3609
7 Stoney, James Johnstone  30 Aug 1849Co. TIpperary, Ireland I2510


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Doyle / Greene  26 Dec 1781Co. Tipperary, Ireland F29132
2 Going / Hardinge  1821Co. TIpperary, Ireland F20175
3 Greene / Young  23 Jul 1851Co. TIpperary, Ireland F2645
4 Power / Chadwick  15 Nov 1796Co. TIpperary, Ireland F1816
5 Rose / Sadleir  14 Mar 1843Co. TIpperary, Ireland F1044
6 Ross-Lewin / Sargint  20 Mar 1844Co. TIpperary, Ireland F1765
7 Sargint / Sadleir  1818Co. TIpperary, Ireland F1066
8 Sargint / Sadleir  1843Co. TIpperary, Ireland F1028
9 Sargint / Sadleir  1901Co. TIpperary, Ireland F1038
10 Scott / Chadwick  Sep 1812Co. TIpperary, Ireland F1257