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Natimuk, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Alfred Arthur   I1457
2 Adams, Edna  1896Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2581
3 Adams, Henry  1891Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2584
4 Adams, Kate  1889Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2585
5 Adams, Mary Emily  29 Dec 1902Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I5110
6 Adams, Mary Emily  20 Aug 1909Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I303
7 Adams, May  1895Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2582
8 Adams, Thomas William  7 Sep 1893Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2583
9 Adams, William James Thomas  10 Sep 1907Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I302
10 Chapman, Dorothy Frances May   I1415
11 Chapman, William Thomas   I1414
12 Holland, Edward John  24 Sep 1893Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I1369
13 Holland, Idalia Rose  1900Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I1343
14 Holland, Ivy Marianne  1897Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I1307
15 Holland, James Thomas  1895Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I1299
16 Martin, Cecil Edward Henry   I1450
17 Martin, Laurence Albert  1914Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2574
18 Rakowski, Alexander  1890Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2642
19 Rakowski, Severin William  1879Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2640
20 Scott, Alexander Louis  1904Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2578
21 Scott, Allan Leslie Thomas   I1425
22 Scott, Donald Henry  1903Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2579
23 Scott, Edward Campbell  1919Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2576
24 Scott, Jean Lilian   I1422
25 Scott, Kathleen Mary   I1421
26 Scott, Margaret Emily Ellen  1906Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I1420
27 Scott, Olive Edna May   I1417
28 Scott, Ruby Annie  1908Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Edith Mary  1889Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2588
2 Adams, Emily Jane  7 Oct 1948Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2589
3 Holland, Idalia Rose  1900Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I1343
4 Rakowski, Alexander  1892Natimuk, Victoria, Australia I2642


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Scott / Adams  1901Natimuk, Victoria, Australia F937