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Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Albert Edgar  22 Jul 1909Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1453
2 Adams, Edgar James  15 Jul 1898Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2210
3 Adams, Edna Ethel  12 Aug 1906Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1444
4 Adams, Emily Christina  23 Oct 1893Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2440
5 Adams, Francis William  9 Dec 1899Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2634
6 Adams, George Edward  16 Apr 1892Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2567
7 Adams, Harold  11 Mar 1886Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2632
8 Adams, Harry  17 Jul 1901Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1412
9 Adams, John Anderson  5 Jun 1904Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1372
10 Adams, Leslie  Jun 1901Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1428
11 Adams, Marjorie  1 Jul 1895Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2254
12 Adams, Reginald Charles  12 Jul 1913Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1446
13 Adams, Reta  8 Sep 1896Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2211
14 Adams, Rosie  1890Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2568
15 Adams, Ruby Emma  2 Feb 1889Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2633
16 Adams, Sydney Edward  1 Jul 1897Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2565
17 Adams, William Halley  16 Apr 1910Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1371
18 Adams, William Henry Edward  7 Oct 1894Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2566
19 Heath, George Walter  1893Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2206
20 Heath, Glen   I5226
21 Heath, Herbert Glenelg  1897Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2205
22 Heath, Hilary Mary   I5094
23 Heath, Marilyn June   I5223
24 Heath, William Parlett  27 Jul 1891Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I5222
25 Macgregor, Colin Herbert   I5102
26 Macgregor, Evelyn   I1356
27 Macgregor, Jean Marion   I1394
28 Macgregor, Lindsay Allen   I5101
29 Macgregor, Murray James   I5103
30 Macgregor, Norma   I5100
31 Macgregor, Raymond   I5087
32 Macgregor, Stewart   I1312
33 Mason, Hazel Eileen  1898Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I5104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Albert Edgar  26 Aug 1988Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1453
2 Adams, Rosie  1896Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2568
3 Heath, Emily Elizabeth  25 Jan 1939Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I5126
4 Heath, Herbert Glenelg  9 Dec 1974Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2205


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Graham / Heath  2 Dec 1913Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F922
2 Heath / Mason  26 May 1925Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F1766
3 Macgregor / Heath  1914Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F591